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Prenatal (Must be past 14 weeks)

This specific massage is designed for the expectant mother. Your specially certified therapist is trained to pay special attention to the areas that bother you most during pregnancy.

$105 for 50-minute / $160 for 80-minute


Massage performed on pressure points works directly with the organs in which they relate to boost the immune system, relieve fatigue and stimulate circulation. 

$105 for 50-minute

Sports Massage

Alleviate the stress and tension built up in the body’s soft tissues during physical activity. Drain fatigue, relieve swelling, and reduce muscle tension to promote flexibility and prevent injury.

$115 for 50-minute / $165 for 80-minute

Ultra Radiance

This treatment will deeply cleanse, fully exfoliate and wholly hydrate the skin. Powerful herbal antioxidants and natural nutrients combine to correct skin texture
and tone. 

$125 for 50-minute

Organic VitaSkin

We have three amazing VitaSkin Facials for specific facial care needs.
Firm Skin helps minimize the lines and wrinkles by firming and tightening.
Calm Skin reduces inflammation, signs of redness and hyper pigmentation are minimized. Clear Skin removes impurities helping to heal and prevent blemishes. 

$130 for 50-minute

Body Treatments
Herbal Body Wrap

This treatment begins with dry brushing to exfoliate the skin and increase circulation. You are then wrapped up in our detoxifying blend of herbs. To complete the service a moisturizer is applied to soften the skin. 

$120 for 50-minute

Warm Ginger Vanilla Soothing Wrap

Raw sugar cane crystals and an organic ginger vanilla scrub weave together to create a richly scented experience. 

$120 for 50-minute